Your business runs on technology.  The devices your staff use every day can help them be more productive or, sadly, can impede your business .

LAPTOPS & DESKTOPS:  We are an authorized Dell Value Added Partner.  We believe that they provide the best total cost of ownership for small businesses. Please contact us for a quote on Dell Laptops and Desktops.

PRINTERS:  When it comes to printers nothing beats the reliable performance of a Dell LaserJet or PageWide Pro Printers.  Please contact us for a quote on an HP printer.

SCANNERS:  Our favorite peripheral to drive business efficiencies is the Scanner.  Taking paper into the digital world is a smart decision.  Fujitsu makes the best scanner money can buy.  There are other scanners the cost conscious buy may wish to look at.   Please contact us for a quote on a Fujitsu Scanner

ACCESSORIES:  Accessories make the world go round.  Or perhaps they are a necessary evil.  I will confess that my favorite accessory of 2019 is a particular Logitech wireless mouse (for health reasons).  This one feels perfect in my hand. Falling to second place are dual 27″ monitors with a nice monitor stand which is a relatively inexpensive way to increase your productivity or that of your staff.  Please contact us for a quote on any kind of Accessory.

NETWORKING:  While we connect Roanoke with technology solutions, you connect your company with your Network.  We are an authorized Cisco networking partner providing Firewalls, Routers, Switches, and Wireless Access Points.  The most important feature from a business perspective is the reliability of your network.  We also provide other solutions which provide reliability and a lower cost of entry.

TELEPHONE SERVICE:  We hate dealing with the bureaucracy and excessive cost of Verizon.  Typically we find that a modern VOIP phone system can either save your 25-50% of operating expense versus Verizon or some customers prefer to receive all new equipment  and use the monthly savings to cover all the costs for all new phone hardware and handsets

Internet Connections: A High Speed Internet connection is as important today as Paved Roads and Electricity was in the 1960s. We are a partner with Comcast, Cox, Verizon & Road Runner. The cost is the same. If you would like to gain a partner and help the local economy please allow us to help you set up your Internet connections. If you would rather talk to a strange in a call center in Louisiana go ahead and call the 800 number. We think you would rather talk to a local partner. Please call us for a quote on Internet Connections.

Building Wiring: While it is not glorious and glamorous. Installing “structured cabling” in your new or old building provides a solid foundation for the future of all things technological.